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Another year has passed… another year full of joys, sorrows, laughs, and life’s lessons. Another cake baked and a million new memories to reminisce over. Yesterday I celebrated my 28th birthday. (Did you think I was a Spring Chicken?) Should I feel wiser or more accomplished? Maybe, but today I just feel a little older and on a complete sugar overload from all of the cake I have eaten! I have to admit, I am not very good at documenting our  personal lives lately. Although it does often cross my mind to do so… I am just bad at getting it done. This explains the half devoured cake below. I couldn’t wait to dive in last night! But, had I ACTUALLY taken this picture last night, you wouldn’t have really been able to grasp my insane LOVE for Funfetti Cake topped with Rainbow Chip Frosting!!! For as long as I can remember, I have always requested Funfetti Cake for all of my birthdays, that’s how much I love it!

Not only was yesterday an amazing day full of warm wishes and love from all of my wonderful family and friends, it was the 5 year anniversary of  mine and Jake’s first date… EVER. Isn’t he a brave soul?! Talk about feeling some pressure. Poor guy! I can proudly and honestly say it was the best first date of my entire life. A night full of laughs, and wonderful dinner at Carelli’s in Boulder, wine out of a plastic Ghostbusters cup (a memory I wouldn’t trade  for anything), a homemade double chocolate cake, and then we spent the evening watching The Notebook. A perfect night in my book!!

So for all of you out there reading; May all of your own birthday’s be full of love and Funfetti!!

5 years later, more in love than I could have possibly imagined… 5 moves, 8 different jobs between the two of us, a house and a dog later… Our first baby is on the way. With a new baby comes a nursery! Let’s just say we have been “taking our time” with all of the decision we are supposed to be making. Who knew there would be so many! Not only are there  nursery design decisions to go over, there is like, eighty million products each of everything you never knew someone would tell you, you always needed! Talk about a powerful and overwhelming industry! Baby land… You kind of scare me. 😐  I can say it has been a learning experience and even some of it has even been fun. Check out the nursery colors we debated over.

I swore up and down, left and right, that I would never EVER make another invitation after we made all of our wedding invites… Well as you can see below, that is so not the case. 🙂  Baby Shower invites are underway…

And while I have been busy attempting to be crafty, my super awesome and talented hubby has a few of his own projects underway. Here is a sneak peek into our basement, ie The Shop. (Where all things cool come from.) Both Jake and I are very lucky to say both of our dads are insanely talented. If it can be imagined, these guys can build it. So with the three of them combined, there are no limits! We are underway to a hand crafted, made with love, from scratch, super awesome crib and dresser for this little miss!

I promise to keep you all up to date on all of the fun projects that are underway at the Beck’s! Including final product images. 🙂 Stay tuned for more of the craziness in our lives! There is so much more than you all think…

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Darcy - Oh honey! I feel like such a crummy friend for not knowing your birthday! But I am super glad you had such a good one. You deserve it. Can’t wait for the shower! Yay!

Mandi Rossbach - Just wanted to say I enjoyed the Beck blog update! You definitely should continue doing those. It’s super cute and looks like you guys are having a great time. Happy birthday, my birthday soulmate! 🙂

Lindsay - Funfetti is my fave too!! I am sure I will never outgrow it! You are such a wonderfully warm and amazing woman and I am so glad that you are sharing all of the blessings in your life (even with those of us too far away to see that sweet belly in person)! Happy birthday and much love to you and that growing family!

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