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This morning I showed you how we magically created a bench top for our storage chest… Now a pillow for the studio. (I was going to save this post for tomorrow, but I just got too excited not to post it now.)

I bought extra fabric knowing I had this project in mind as well. I actually saw this on an etsy site, however I was not willing to cough up the $60+ for the pillow case. So my solution, make my own.

I admit here though, I can barely sew a straight line at times, so when Jake’s parent were over, I took full advantage of my mother in law’s talented sewing hands. She had this little pillow measured, cut, and sewn in close to ten minutes flat. Something I definitely would have not been able to do so quickly. I just snapped the pictures and the result for everything turned out much better than the opposite options.

The fabric is the same as the bench at $4.99 a yard at Joann’s and the buttons are from Button Galore and More. I love how it turned out and it was such a fun easy project. (It however is not a requirement to have baby toys sprawled all over your floor in the back ground, it just add a special element of love.)

I recommend printing your design out on two pieces of paper. One to cut out and trace on your pillow, the other to layout your buttons on. Having a pre design layout did take some time but it helped the glueing process go much faster.

We ended up lightly tracing the ‘B’ while the pillow was still inside of the pillow case. It allowed for us to be able to see the curves of everything and place the ‘B’ exactly where we wanted it.

Having the buttons laid out did end up helping more than I thought. When I placed it all on the paper it looked great and still did once I got started gluing, what I didn’t account for was how much tighter the design would be once glued in place vs loosely sitting on a piece of paper. So have some of those extra buttons handy. You will need to fill in. Another tip, put a magazine or thick paper inside your pillow case before gluing. The excess will go right on the paper and not through to the other side of your case.

I had intended to use the glue as the base and sew on all the buttons afterwards, but I loved how it looked with out the thread. I think I would have used a bit more glue in areas if I had to do it again, but all in all, I love it!!

I promise this next week I will have some actual images to show you… Of people even. Real people, real clients! With the world just starting to wake up, it is time to begin the busy season again. I am excited! I have really enjoyed having some down time, but I am ready to get back out there camera in hand for the real people. ¬†Until then, it’s crafts, blabbering, food, and life with MB.

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Mandi Rossbach - I was just killing some time and catching up on crafts with MB. :) Just wanted to drop a line to say I love this concept! Clean and simple, yet creative and personal. Very cute!

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