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For the mama and papa’s out there… Have you ever had the moment where you look around at your little life and at your husband/wife and think to yourself about insanely blessed you are? Have you had the moment directly following that where you think… If you step on one more toy, find one more bib in your bed in the middle of the night, have one more dinner that involves sweet potatoes, peas and milk, all ending up on the floor… One more minute in your crazy little life that is amazing but solely¬†focused on the little people in your life, that you might just might scream??

I had that moment on Thursday. Now please don’t get me wrong, I am absolutely deeply in love with my crazy little life, filed with a little person who loves to throw her food on the floor and who has toys scattered almost over every inch of this house. Insanely in love with it! There are just times when being a adult in your marriage is so needed. And we needed just that. We are so lucky to have all four grandparent so close to us to be able to share Lila with, and this weekend we took full advantage. Friday night she was with my parent and Saturday with Jake’s. I only cried once all weekend from missing her too. In my book, that is pretty good!

I can honesly say we were not quite sure what to do with all this free time on our hands! It was like we were married without a child… Or actually maybe like we were even just still dating! (It was so great and I fully recommend a weekend away to all of you new parents out there.)

We surely didn’t go all out, but for us it was perfect. We stared out on Friday heading to happy hour at Old C’s (one of my local old town Ft. Collins favorites) spent the evening poking around in the little shops and then stuffing our faces with the ever so delicious Walrus Ice Cream. Yea for date nights and being allowed to eat like an oink-er and not feel one bit bad about it.

Saturday… get this… we slept in! (I know right!) We headed up to Estes Park which was so crowded, but still an awesome drive. I think I forget that other people like to get out too. But with an afternoon ahead of us, and another date underway… we did what I love to do, eat first off then shop some more, followed by a movie. Which we haven’t done since before Lila entered out lives. It was wonderful being able just to talk and hangout baby free for a couple of hours. And yes, we even had more ice cream on this trip too! Watch out, crazy kids on the loose here.

But in all reality, it was great to let go and just be us. The Melissa and Jake who are married. Who love ice cream, holding hands, and talking over dinner. Not the mommy and daddy part of us. The cherished husband and wife relationship that can sometime become overlooked in the craziness, lost in the sweet potatoes and milk on the floor, and placed on the back burner when all you want to do is have a minute to breath alone. Getting back to ‘us’, even if just for a couple of days… It is what we needed. Our life may be crazy, and it has become our new normal, but it’s our crazy and our normal. And you know what, I wouldn’t trade it for a single second.

Here is to crazy lives and food on the floor. To your husband or wife. To the small kisses between making dinners and giving baths, to the little moments that make you guys, ‘you guys’.

Happy Monday!!



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Angie - You look amazing! Beautifully written blog.

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