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My favorite night of the week during the fall season is tied between Wednesdays and Thursdays… Everyone talks about fall and their love of it. About the sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes, the cute boots, crisp air and leaves. Which, um YES, I LOVE love love all of that too… But let’s talk about the nights cuddled up on the couch, under your favorite blanket, in your favorite sweats, watching your favorite fall shows…

Wednesdays nights Jake and I both drag out our favorite sweats… Jake gets a bowl of ice cream with hot fudge and asks me if I want some. I always answer no, but he knows to put a few extra bites in the bowl, because I will inevitably always ask if I can have some.  I sit by his side and snuggle under his arm. Slowly the arm snuggle turns into a leg over his lap, which then slowly become a full fledge flop. Which I know drives him crazy, but I am going to continue to think deep down he loves that about me. With the lights off and the curtains closed we indulge in our favorite fall TV shows together. Criminal Minds, followed by the new show Revenge.

Thursdays look a bit different though… Thursdays… ahhhhh. I love Thursdays. We have an understanding that on Thursdays, this is my night. My night to flop alone, my night to have a couple glasses of wine, my night to be off duty from from being a mommy for two hours… where I get to do nothing but relax, zone out, and watch the girly shows,Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice (not that there is anythign worng with dudes watching or even enjoying, Mike) 🙂

Ahhh  fall Thursdays, I have missed you! It’s 4:48 pm, and I am signing off for the day! Dinner, wine and an evening of doing nothing await me.

What are your favorite fall TV shows??

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