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I handed the man my credit card and anxiously awaiting what he was about to hand me. I had been waiting for this night for months now, and it was finally here. We walked over to the bar and ordered two glass of sparkling white wine. There is just something about adding the word ‘sparkling’ in front of wine that made us feel fancier than we should have. We sip slowly, only to realize we have a glass of cheap, gross, overly dry champagne. Oh well right, we still felt fancy, and that was what mattered at the moment.  We walked in and looked for our seats. Row S, seats 3 and 4. Only 17 rows from the stage…

The night had finally begun!! A girls night out spent jamming out to the music of Andy Grammer and Collie Caillat!!!

We spent the evening hollering “I Love You’s” sipping our sparkling white wine, and acting like 12 year old girls… It was awesome. If you have never seen Colbie in concert, GO!!! She is so stinking cute, sounds more amazing live than on record, and is just a stunning as you would imagine her to be in person! And those of you looking to keep your eye out for a new and upcoming artist, check out Andy. We are on a first name basis, cause when you get your picture taken with a ‘someone’ you just kinda feel like ya can do that.:)And we did!!

As the concert came to a close we walked out feeling like we had just had the best night. We walked to the car talking about it all. “I love when she… She look so cute doing… It was so fun to hear… I cant believe….”  Little did we know Colbie would be standing right outside her tour bus, just hanging out! So we ever so cooly walked out, (ok we slightly ran a little) so we could say “Hi!” I mean come on, we MET COLBIE!!! She was so sweet, and real. She was about to hop on her bus when we asked her to sign our tickets and for a picture. And she said yes! So Lauren hoped in and had her signing while I snapped away, and then when it was my turn, she kindly said I have to go, but that one more picture would be okay.

Waking back to the car all Lauren could say was “Oh my gosh I freaking love her, I love Colbie!” Although Lauren did get her ticket signed by both Colbie and Andy, and I didn’t.:(I told her I would hold theses pictures hostage until she traded me tickets. Cause thats what friends do right…?!? All and all… FREAKING awesome night!

Captured in full by the ever so handy IPhone. Here is our night relived….

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