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ERIC & LINDSAY | Denver Engagement

She stood there trying to get his attention. Not his, but the bartenders. I can imagine his little smirk as he watched as she struggled in a crowded bar trying to flag down just one person. Was there alternative motive right away, or was he just trying to help? Either way he got her attention and the bartenders for her. They started to make small talk and he knew he wanted to spend more time getting to know her. The girl who he had yet to learn would change his life. The beautiful blonde girl who was so easy to talk to… He asked her out to dinner, in to which she hesitated. The thought of dinner with someone she’d met at a bar didn’t seem to sound like her prince charming riding in on a white horse. Noticing her hesitation, he suggested coffee first… where he would then asks her out to dinner.

With a conversation that never slowed over coffee, Lindsay got a small glimpse into the world of him. She began to see how he was a combination of a realistic thinker and a dreamer. Possibly then she began to learn about how loyal is, or how dependable. She must have thought just a few times about what this coffee would lead to, but did she know it would change her entire journey? Or did Eric know that his attempt to ask this girl out to dinner would lead him to the one who is caring, who loves to make people laugh and is impeccable with timing? The girl he would work on 100 year old home with making it their’s or spend his weekends hiking with? This is what they got. This is where their journey began…

Lindsay and Eric, I couldn’t be more excited about having gotten to spend the day with you two. Thank you for being so amazing and for hanging out with the most coffee’d up version of myself I have ever seen! Enjoy your journey of life together and thank you for allowing me to capture just a small part of it.


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Lindsay Mohn - Melissa, these photos came out beautifully! Eric and I are so happy with them. Seeing these makes me even more excited to see what you do at our wedding in June! Thanks for kicking off our engagement with us in such a fun way!

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