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As the season unwinds and the calm begins to set in, it is then I am able to sit back and really take in how incredibly blessed we are. This last year has been both amazing in our lives and business.

In 2011 amongst everything life tossed at us, we tried to learn how to juggle life (personal and professional) with a toddler. The jury is still out on how we did, but I can say this… Lila is one of the biggest blessings we have even know in our hearts and lives. Her joy, laugh, smile, tiny fingers, sweet giggles, even her ‘not so elegant throw yourself on the floor in pure rage moments’, are still amazing to me. The way she say DOG all day long, and the magic of the world through her eyes… I hope to never stop seeing the world the way she does. It really is something magical when everything is pure and new.

We have grown stronger as a family, fallen more in love with each other in our marriage, laughed and loved harder than ever before. This year had its challenges, altering the dynamic of what we call ours, but knowing when you have each other to cling during the trying times makes it all that much easier to look back on the times as memories, not struggles. I am grateful for the path our lives are on, knowing those challenges will not define us or the journey we are on right now and am so excited to see where this journey takes us!

At MBP, we have had an spectacular year with yet again amazing clients and couples. I am beyond amazed at how blessed we have been by each and every one of you! Allowing us into your lives and hearts… that is something so special to us, and we cannot thank you enough for your trust and support as we document your lives!

We have also had some of your amazing wedding published this year in 2011! How awesome is that?! Thank you to Colorado Couture Weddings, Luxe Mountain Weddings, Colorado Wedding Style, Colorado Weddings Magazine, One Stylish Bride, and Two Bright Lights Blog for featuring the amazing details and planning of our brides. It was awesome to be able to see all of your weddings and our photographs featured this past year!

MBP welcomed our first Inter Photographer to the team, Lauren. Many of you have already had the pleasure of meeting and working with Lauren theses past few months! We will be doing a full introduction to her, her life, and family in the new year, so stay tuned for that fun announcement. In addition to Lauren joining us, we have carved out an awesome little space in our home for our clients to hang out in! So we are now hosting all of our meetings here, and can’t wait to show you all the space!  We have bargain hunted, found, bought, sanded, stained, sealed and reclaimed a handful of fun new pieces for the studio office and meeting space as well and are looking forward to showing off some of our handy DIY work and treasures in the new year.

And last but not least for the list of awesome new things happening with MBP before the season is over… A new website! We are combining all of our .com and/blog-ness (that’s a works right?? ) into one super awesome, full of details, show cased favorites, all in one site! Which we are super super excited about and seriously cannot wait to share with you all!!!  We will see you in the New Year loaded with awesomeness for everyone!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you for such and wonderful 2011. For your continued support and love, following of our work, kind and thoughtful words, and just for being your amazing selves. You mean the world to us!!

Until 2012! May your lives and families be blessed with joy and love! Merry and Happy Everything to all of you!!




THANK YOU: To our wonderful and talented friend Corrie Kraft, of Corrie Kraft Photography for all of our family and 2011 holiday pictures. It truly was a blessing to have you be able to capture our craziness. We love you and will treasure theses memories!

Melissa Beck is a professional Wedding Photographer and Engagement Photographer who has been featured on several blogs and publications.

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Angie - WOW what a beautiful family! I enjoyed reading this post so so much! Merry Christmas and Happy Happy Happy New Year!

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