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INSPIRATION | From the beginning

What a year this has been for us at MBP!

We started out the year in January, taking the entire month off from the front end of the business. Taking the time to breath, and to really start to put our dreams in place. Start kicking them into high gear, so to speak. After all, our growing list wasn’t going to start crossing things off of by itself! We knew we needed to start somewhere, and it need to be inspiring. Remember back when Pintrest didn’t exist?? This is where it all began, and it looked a little like this…

Step one: Create an inspirations board.

Step two: Squeal with delight when it is done because you are so in love.

Step three: Panic when you realize that you have no idea where to take all of this.

Let’s re-visit how this all began shall we? This is what is looked like in the beginning for us:

 Sitting in our hotel room on the bed across from one another… The bed covered with lab tops, binders, and notebooks. With the pages full of ideas and plans spread everywhere, we stare at each other.

Overwhelmed by ideas and dreams, yet sitting in the reality of where we actually were on our journey…

If you remember, in November we were lucky enough to pack up and head to New Haven, CT  for a mentor session with the ever-so-kind, wonderful, and talented Justin and Mary. They opened up their home and hearts, time and life to us. They challenged us as a team, as people. They challenged Jake in his supporting role behind the scenes, and me as a woman, wife, photographer and mother. Mostly, we explored and we were challenged with where we are in our journey, where are heading, and how we want to get there.

Were we inspired? Definitely. Overwhelmed… 100%. We were given ideas and tasks to move forward with, asked thought provoking questions (that I thought we had fully know the answers to) when we walked through their door and openly asked who are you, what do you portray, but mostly what do you love?

We returned to our hotel room after hours and hours of talking, thinking, planning, questioning, eating and dreaming with Justin and Mary. I flopped on the bed. Tears streaming down my cheeks, laying in a heap of self pity, I WAS LOST. Lost in a dream of what I wanted, lost in newly realized challenges (personally and professionally) and lost in the fact that I had a LOT to do to when we got home!

I didn’t want to do it. It was going to be hard and full of self exploration. I was pouting and be stupidly stubborn. What was the point anyways?  I wanted the answers and I wanted them handed them to me. Don’t get me wrong here. Justin and Mary gave us hundreds of answers and it was an AMAZING experience. All of it. But more importantly, in this experience  I was poked and prodded. Asked to search and challenged to embrace the journey.

We were home and back on our own turf… It took a few weeks of thought (and again, with the self pity) to really grasp what the heck was going on here with us and the studio. But, after those few weeks, that is when most of it hit me. Whap! Like a giant board to the head. Now… Now we were ready to dive in… Now, I was more determined and inspired than ever!

Again, we sit staring at each other… Are they good ideas? Will they benefit the way we do business?  Will our clients embrace it all? How do you feel about it? No, how do you feel about it? Where do we start? Where are we going and more importantly how do we get there?? So many questions, so many ideas!

And with that, with self exploration comes change. Personally and professional. With new goals set and determination brewing like a wild fire, I say this. Get ready. It is a learning and growing process for the studio right now and really, I am so excited for all that is to come in the near future….

So here we are now just a few days into our dream. The new brand. The new home of MBP. Complete with our new website, an amazing meeting space, and the most inspiring office I have ever sat in. And you know what, it feels so good! Here is a look at where it all came from. A look at how I managed to get the inside of my head onto a visual inspiration to begin creating and pulling from. A set of inspiration boards, that I never once altered in the process, never once changed my mind on, and never once second guessed the path we were running full speed down.

Here is to a new home of MBP inside and out.

What inspires you?



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