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Dream Life Life

In the late hours of the night you can hear the clicking of the keys and the movement of the mouse rolling over the wooden desks. Magic is happening. There is an occasional belting of a line or two from one of us followed by laughter, and the thought of ‘Why the heck are we still awake and working?’

It becomes addicting. The feeling of progress and development. The understand that creating takes time and the with this time comes amazing things.

Amazing things that would have never been possibly with out our ‘Get it Done’ music. The familiar tunes that you know inside and out. The notes and lyrics that you can sing along to or drown out.

At the end of the day it comes down to wanting a Dream Life, Life. And if it takes 98 times of listening to a song to help me believe it, then so be it. If admitting that 5.66 hours of my life has had these lyrics in the background, then I’ll take it. Because what we have is all we have.

‘All we have is this life
So make it be what you want’

‘All I want is the dream life
To be my real life
How could that be wrong?’

What is your ‘Get it Done’ soundtrack to life?

Melissa Beck is a professional Wedding Photographer and Engagement Photographer who has been featured on several blogs and publications.

Melissa Beck Photography is a Wedding Photography Studio specializing in Modern Wedding and Engagement photos in Maine, New England, Kennebunk, Portland, Freeport, Falmouth, Yarmouth, Cape Elizabeth, Denver,Colorado and the Rocky Mountains.

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