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MIKE & COLLEEN | Harrington Farm Wedding | Princeton MA

You may have read recently about my adventure to the East Coast. It was full of new friendship, amazing food, the open spaces, and fresh air. About re-falling in love with a lifestyle and creating new dreams.

I however wasn’t the only one falling more in love and starting new dreams. While in New England spending some amazing time with the talented Spring Smith, I was able to second shoot with her not once, but twice. Which was so much fun. It never gets old being able to explore a new world of light, a new dimension of sky and colors, and of course it is always amazing to meet such wonderful people. Mike and Colleen are exactly that. With open arms they welcomed me along side of Spring to document one of the most amazing days in their lives to date. I am so thankful for what I am able to do in life to capture these days for people.

It was such a stunning day too. They spent the day celebrating at Harrington Farms. With the perfect amount of blue skies and sunshine, the couple surrounded with so much love by family and friends, and a breathtaking sunset… I can say Mike and Colleen your wedding was perfect!

Thank you all, Spring, Mike & Colleen for allowing me to take part in your lives. Photographing weddings in New England is certainly something I have always wanted to do and you all made it possible for me to happily cheek it off of my list! Your day was stunning, and I am in awe of how in love you are and how it showed so brightly in how you look at each other and the laughter you consistently shared! Thank you all so much for having me!

Lead Photographer: Spring Smith Studios | Second Photographer: Melissa Beck Photography | Wedding Venue: Harrington Farm | Bakery: White Mt Cupcakery | Dj: Tim Washburn | Hair & Makeup: Kimberly Fosher | Florist : The Plant Bazaar


Patricia Morin - great pictures from a wonderful wedding!

Who I Am

There is something magical about knowing who you are in life. At this very moment, on this very day. Knowing that tomorrow will look completley different and because of that being able to embrace what you have today.

There are so many photographers who struggle with how they want to publicly display and intertwine who they are in there personal lives with who they are ‘supposed’ to be in their businesses. Where you are told to make yourself relatable to your clients, first and foremost. An unspoken rule? Maybe. Something we all want? Absolutely!

Someone once shared with me that they thought because my business is focused on weddings and couples, to capture my audience most effectively, I am (in my online presence) to first be a wife. To create the story of life being a woman in love. A woman who is relatable to the the bride, my audience. To create the experience and this in love experience should begin here… It isn’t like that would be hard to do. I am in love. I do focus on weddings and couples. I do have an amazing husband and we have some really great stories, and some even more amazing times together…

Then I am to be a photographer. Adding in the revelance of what I do and how I do it… Why I love what I do and how I can hopefully make you fall in love with me, doing what I do. And lastly, I am a mother. In the online-my-piece-of-the-internet-land-order-in-life, I am ‘supposed’ to be a:

Wife. Photographer. Mother.

Ya’ know, to appeal to people. To be relatable to my couples. Who, at this point in time are madly in love, who probably have not thought twice about becoming a photographer or mother. Believe me I get it! You relate to what you read and see. I do too. But then I have realized in life, in my life… There is no order to who I am.

I am all. I wear one hundred hats daily. I function on a lack of sleep. My house is certainly not perfect. My husband is not always perfect. Let’s face it, I am nowhere close to perfect. My child is not always clean. My business is not always the only thing I thrive on. My desk is rarely not covered in toys. And I too struggle trying to mix in who I am in life with who I am ‘supposed’ to be in my business.

All I can say is I am me. Melissa. That I am right there with you all. Mixing in who I am, what I do, my passions, my life and every little element that makes up this crazy land of running a photography studio… work. To let it be beautiful. And to me that is my life. My family is my life. My passion makes up my life. You all reading, make up my life.

If you want to see a small piece of what that just might look like… The realness of who I am, then hang out for a few moments. Take a peek into our world. Or stay for a while and get to know me. Because from here on out, this life, this journey of ours is going public. Because I am all. A wife. A Photographer. A mother.

A huge special thank you to Kale Fitch, who came and spent an entire weekend documenting our little life while creating this video that I will hold so special to my heart. (You can see more of his talent and work HERE) With inside jokes and days full of laughter he was able to tell my story with my family.

Simple. Beautiful and in love. This is us. The Beck’s.