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ADAM & LINDSAY | Denver Maternity Photographer

Sitting at table, I was waiting for Lindsay to meet me for lunch. She walked in, grab a menu and started to order. We hugged hello, exchanged how are you’s, and I looked at her. I just stopped mid sentence staring. I can imagine the strange look on my face as I was trying to put two and two together…

She had a belly!

I am pretty sure, “OMG, Lindsay, you’re pregnant!?” is what came out of my mouth. Lindsay smiled said “Yep sure am!” See, Lindsay has this thing about not wanting to talk about herself, so she didn’t tell everyone she was pregnat until she could tell most of them in person. Over lunch we chatted about all things photography, life, and baby. It has been such a wonderful time getting to know Lindsay over this last year and now to see her family growing. I was honored when she asked me if I would do her maternity portraits. It actually went more like, “Hey, Linds you know I am doing your belly pics right?” To which she replied, “Well, ya. I was going to ask you anyways!”

Meet the amazingly beautiful and talented Lindsay and her hubby Adam.

Raichel Brown - love these

Melissa Beck - Ahh, you are so sweet. Thank you! Get that baby in the belly and I am all yours! :)

Amy Adell Feist - Love these! Makes me want to have another baby so that you can take the pictures! The location is beautiful!

BRIAN & HEATHER | Edgewater Pavilion Wedding

This time of year I spend hours organizing, purging, re organizing, categorizing, and getting prepped and excited for the upcoming year. Typically during this time I am digging through previous weddings and going through past clients.

In doing so, I am going to take this week to feature those clients that have not been featured on the blog just yet. Weddings that I have had the opportunity to second shoot, family portrait sessions, and hopefully get you all a little caught up on what has been happening in the life of the Beck’s.

Starting with Heather and Brian. Their beautiful wedding was held at the Edgewater Pavilion in Windsor. I was second shooting along the amazing side of Corrie Kraft of Corrie Kraft Photography this past summer. Thank you to Corrie, Heather, and Brian for having me join in your amazing day! It is always fun to take the sidelines of a wedding day. Being able to hang with the guys verses covering the bride, grabbing the side angles, and just watching the day unfold under the lead of another talented fellow photographer. Love it.

So enjoy this week of never before seen sessions and weddings.


What kind of fish are you?

I have a goldfish sitting on my self in the office, which you may have seen on the Studio Page. This little guy is my daily reminder… A reminder that you are only as big as the pond you place yourself in.

It all began with an old friend/roommate. She and I would tell each other to, “Be a big fish”. We would remind each other that whether it is was; guy trouble, a failed test, a family struggle, a joyous moment, the excitement of a new date, or just the journey of life… That we were meant to be bigger. To always strive to be the best people we could be. Sometimes it was over ice cream, and sometime through tears. It was written on the white board outside the kitchen, it was during roomie dinner nights, and while in passing on the stairs. It was while packing to move down the street using nothing but trash bags, between the ‘Are you wearing that?’ or ‘Can I eat that?’ I hold onto all of those crazy memories that the four of us all made over the years, but I never realized how important that one little saying would have become in my life.

“Remember, be a big fish!” That little ponds are not where we belong. Have you ever see a fish in a glass bowl, or then one that is placed in a pond? The size different is amazing. It shows that when you are limited by your ability to grow, your growth will in fact be physically stunted.

Being a Big Fish isn’t just about wanting to grow or not wanting to limit yourself in the ways you are challenged… To me, it has become more about daring to dream. Daring to let my little ambitions grown into Big Fish Dreams.

So with my absence present in the last few weeks on the blog, I want to tell you I have been dreaming some pretty awesome big fish dreams. More on that to come in the next few weeks, but until then…

How big is your pond? What are some of your Big Fish Dreams?