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Happy Monday!

We certainly had a busy weekend here. With the celebration on my 30th Birthday, we spent the entire weekend playing and enjoying! I will do a recap tomorrow, but for today I have a little one under the weather, so for now here is an awesome feature we had the pleasure of having on Thursday!

Pursuit 31 is a group for Women Photographer, who are Christian. A community of creative woman in pursuit of walking in greatness through our businesses and our homes for the glory of God.  There is just under 2,000 members in the online Facebook group! How amazing is that?!

Thank you for allowing MBP to be the very first feature in the new series, ‘I work Here’.

To see our full feature of the Client Meeting Space & Office, head over to the P31’s blog.



If you are looking for more info on the details, DIY, and list of where we found everything check out our previous Office & Meeting Space posts. 

Dream Life Life

In the late hours of the night you can hear the clicking of the keys and the movement of the mouse rolling over the wooden desks. Magic is happening. There is an occasional belting of a line or two from one of us followed by laughter, and the thought of ‘Why the heck are we still awake and working?’

It becomes addicting. The feeling of progress and development. The understand that creating takes time and the with this time comes amazing things.

Amazing things that would have never been possibly with out our ‘Get it Done’ music. The familiar tunes that you know inside and out. The notes and lyrics that you can sing along to or drown out.

At the end of the day it comes down to wanting a Dream Life, Life. And if it takes 98 times of listening to a song to help me believe it, then so be it. If admitting that 5.66 hours of my life has had these lyrics in the background, then I’ll take it. Because what we have is all we have.

‘All we have is this life
So make it be what you want’

‘All I want is the dream life
To be my real life
How could that be wrong?’

What is your ‘Get it Done’ soundtrack to life?

MBP | Studio Office

Where have we been in the last week?

Well in here. The office. The place we play, create, work, edit, love, and inspire ourselves. They place where we hang out… A lot. And since we are in here so often, I figured it would be a great time to show you in detail about what makes our office feel like home to us.

Because let’s be honest, we spend a lot of time in here. Here is the break down of what we love and where it is from on our office.



  1. Studio Workflow Board & Frame (odd sized DIY frame but Ikea’s is great)
  2. Wall Organization & Colored Pens | Ikea & Target
  3. DIY Office Desks | How to Blog post 
  4. Frosted Glass Dry Erase Boards | DIY but similar available at Ikea
  5. Window Curtains | Ikea  and Window Curtain Rod | Target 
  6. Wingback Chair (Craigslist find & DIY Recover) | Grey Cashmere Throw | ‘B’ Pillow (DIY)
  7. Glass Teardrop Light
  8. Wall Mount Magazine Rack
  9. Jackson Metal Tub Chair | World Market 
  10. Val spar Wall Paint |  Hematite
  11. Val spar Wall Paint | Snowcap White
  12. Magazine, Paper & Box Storage (Pictured below) | Ikea
  13. Shelving Storage Unit | (Pictured Below & Wall Mounted in Closet) | Ikea 

You can check out the DIY of our B Pillow | Here on our Old Blog

Antique Library Wire Basket | Craigslist find

Blue Mason Jar | Santa Fe Art District Antique Shopping
Retro Double Wall Timer | Kikkerland Designs

Hand Blown Glass Goldfish | Reminder to Dream Big

Antique Printers Tray |  Family Heirloom
Memorabilia | First Anniversary Vacation Beach Collection

Antique Camera | Grandparent’s Camera
Wood B | Wedding Cake Topper

Thank you for letting me show you where I hang out most of my days!

Looking for more info or want to check out our Client Meeting Space? Head over to our Studio Page on the website or our detailed Blog Post on the Meeting Space. Thank you for allowing us into you lives, and spending time with us in our home. We are so excited with the couples we have been able to have in our space so far this year, and can’t wait to continue to hang out with you all! 

Marty Beck - The coolest desk ever! Who created the awesome desk from plumbing fixtures/pipe? (jb)

MB - Rhema- I did make it. We have Wedding & Portrait workflow on there. Start to finish.

Rhema sturgeon - I love it! Did you make your workflow page yourself? I have been wanting to put one of those together! What all do you include on it?