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CAM & TANYA | Maine Engagement Photographer

A crisp, cool winter engagement session on Kennebunk’s rocky beaches.

The snow is softly falling outside of my office window and it is quiet. The kind of quiet that you can hear a pin drop in. The kind of quiet that shows up in your dreams. The quiet that you know will become present in your life of love. And in that comfort of the silence you know that you have him. You know that you belong to one another and in the silence of love, that… is all you need. Each other.

Cam & Tanya | Engaged

wedding Ring on a rock Kennebunk Maine Photography
Flannel Snow Couple in a blanket Kennebunk maine
Snow Engagement Picture Kennebunk Maine
couple kissing under a blanket Kennebunk maine
Stanley Thermos Engagement Session Kennebunk Maine
Barn Engagement Pictures Kennebunk Maine
Cozy Blanket Kennebunk Photograph
Enagagement ring Kennebunk Maine
water tower snow pictures kennebunk maine
walking on the beach kennebunk maine
rocky beach kennebunk maine
rocky beach kennebunk maine
rocky beach pool kennebunk maine
couple on the beach kennebunk maine

Hailey Crabtree - Melissa,

These are gorgeous!!!

John Leclerc - These pictures are great. Congrats!!

jill gerry - Breathtaking and FUN!

Meghan Lovell - Fabulous pics!!

Denise Lovell - Beautiful shots, beautiful people :)
We are so happy for you both!

Laura - We love your pictures Tanya and Cam. They are breath-taking!!!

Sandi Shriberg - The pictures are incredible! Love you both!

Angela Turner - Absolutely beautiful pictures! So natural!You can see your happiness together in every picture!! 😀

Nicole Conley Keegan - Beautiful!

Charlene Eliachar - Tanya & Cam, I have no words, such breathtaking pictures, I’m a little teary right now Tanya, love you.

Kim Casey - Awesome pics! Each and every one of them!

Charlene Eliachar - These pictures are awesome. I am so looking forward to September.
My niece is a beautiful subject, you brought her and Cam to life in your photos.

John Cupoli - Congrats on being featured in the new L.L. Bean catalogue!

Cam Proctor - really impressed with how these came out.

Cam Proctor - A true professional.

Marjorie Masulla Main - I cant believe she is getting married! so grown up! absolutely beautiful pictures!

Brian Chesnell - My Baby…. sniff, sniff

Sue Lovell - This is our niece, Tanya. Scotts youngest sister Kims daughter, :)

Kim Casey - Great pictures Tanya and Cam!

Michele DeLuca - Those are gorgeous photos!

Catherine Proctor - My mom and I just cried. These came out soooo good.

Michelle - What a beautiful couple…great pictures!

Sue Lovell - LOVE these pictures! How will you choose? All so great! :) xo.

Mandy Lovell - Such great pictures!!!! So happy for you two and so excited for September!

Brian Chesnell - You Guys look awesome

Ryann MacIntosh - These are amazing! Tanya , there are some absolutely gorgeous shots of you! you are beautiful!

Nita Casey - Beautiful scenery and couple!

Nicole Flanigan - these came out fantastic, tanya!

Casey Gariepy - these are beautiful!!

Tanya Chesnell - Love! Thank you so much! Cannot wait to see the rest!

Uncle Scott - Awesome pictures! Nice angles and poses. Great back grounds but most important beautiful bride to be!

Kristin Campione - Loved Tanya and Cam’s pictures!

Sue Lovell - Love these pics! You captured Tanya and Cams life in them!

kim chesnell - these pictures are so beautiful! They capture Cam and Tanya perfectly!

tanya - Love! Thank you so much! Cannot wait to see the rest!

BEN & COREY | Kennebunkport Engagement Photographer

As I am snuggled up under a blanket with a heater blowing on me, I can still get the chills that came from Ben and Corey’s session. With blowing wind, and temps in the high 20’s we all braved the brisk air and headed down to Kennebunkport  for their Maine Engagement Session to stroll the streets of the Village. Ben and Corey, your love story is sweet and I cannot to share in it and your wedding day.

Engaged: Ben & Corey

welcome to kennebunkport sign
lobster christmas tree kennebunkport
candy shop kennebunkport
ocean ave sign kennebunkport

This little truck… it blew by causing the snow to blow p.e.r.f.e.c.t.l.y. and the way Corey was snuggled into Ben and laughing because it was freezing… We couldn’t have planned it better.

engagement phtotos in kennebunkport
engagement photo on kennebunkport beach
stocking hats on the beach kennebunkport
stocking caps on the beach kennebunkport
engagement ring on a rock kennebunkport
couple in a blanket kennebunkport
snow on the beach kennebunkport
engagement session photos on the beach kennebunkport
kissing in the sunset kennebunkport beach

Allie Markovits - The photos are so beautiful and Corey you look gorgeous!!

Cindy Rapp Giovagnoli - AWESOME work…such a gorgeous session!

Sue Cahill - Beautiful photographs! I loved them all. Love your cousin Sue.

Hailey Crabtree - Love that lens flare shot! These are adorable!

Melissa Beck - The session that knock me down with cold. Literally. Finally feeling better! :)

Spring McKenney - So cute! Love these- but I defiantly feel the cold! :)

Tiffany Farley - Stunning! :)

Katie Reid - You two are so cute its gross.

Janet Morin - Just GORGEOUS, guys! What awesome settings and shots. Jeeesh, Ben…could you have shared the blanket a little? LOL

Jane Reid - Wow what incredible pictures! Corey you look BEAUTIFUL. Ben you look ok too :)

Sue Cahill - What beautiful pictures. I loved them all

Beth McKenna - Amazing photos! Very special!

kim sack - Lovely and wonderful capture of a beautiful couple! You are 2 amazing people and we are so happy for you. So glad you discovered a wonderful wedding photographer and venue! The wedding photos are sure to be amazing as well!! You are so lucky. Love you both, XO, Mom Smetana

Kelly Baker - These are beautiful pictures! Fabulous!!!
Love and miss you both!

Allie Smetana - I love these photos!!! Corey you are so gorgeous and you two look perfect together… Can’t wait until the wedding!! Xoxo

Maryann Kelly - Wonderful photos!!!!

Katie Kelley - Gorgeous!!!!

Ellen Matson Hicks - So beautiful!!!!! You guys are knock-outs!!! :)

Becky Sail - Adorable photos!! You both look amazing – love you!

Amelia McGowan - @[924145:2048:Corey] you look STUNNING! I was in Kennebunkport a couple of years ago in March and it was so so cold… you are brave!!! But the shots are lovely, well worth it!!

Darley Maw - So amazingly beautiful and sweet!! <3

Corey Smetana - We have the most amazing wedding photographer…thank you Melissa Beck! I am in love with these!


When I sit and actually think about what 2013 will look like, I really am excited.

I know I haven’t been the best about sharing our journey in life this last year, and to me that is okay. Because in all honesty, that means that I have been present in my personal life. In my marriage, in my mothering, and in my family. I have have lists, (lot of lists) full of dreams, goals, to do’s, what worked, what didn’t… What I want, where I want to go…

But for me in 2013, the biggest dream/goal/resolution I have is; To be Present & Enjoy the Now. It is easy enough to type. Simple enough words to live by. Right?

This my friends, is one of my biggest challenges in life. I wrote on my Facebook page last night this:

2013 will be about living fully and simply. It will be about the quality of living and dreaming. It will be about trusting that what I do and how I provided myself to my family and my business is enough. It will be about… Health. Love. Laughter. Genuine Character. Living. Dreaming. Doing.

So while the lists for 2013 are in fact being made… Today I choose to be still. Be still in the now. Acknowledge all that 2012 brought to us, to our family, to our businesses. Gather the thoughts and our gratefulness that this past year brought to us.

Happy 2013. May all your dreams become reachable.