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TOM & DEBBIE | Steamboat Springs Engagement Photographer

Some have luck numbers, some even have a favorite number. For Tom and Debbie, I have to believe they have a number… The number 5.

As the day began like any other day, Tom was busy planning but in his heart today was far from being like any other. Today was the day. Their 5th dating anniversary. Five years of loving this woman. Five years of dreaming and adventures. Five years of holding her hand, and kissing her goodnight. For her, five years of staring into his eyes. Five years of celebrating their love.

Their wasn’t just one 5 in this plan though. This day was the 5th day, of the 5th month, on their 5th anniversary.  This is where it all began. In their small town of Steamboat Springs that they call home. Surrounded by anxious and excited friends. The kind of friends who turn in to family. The ones who are there at your side though anything. Those are the people Tom wanted to surround Debbie with when he asked her to turn that 5 into 95. 95 more years loving him. 95 more years of adventures. 95 more years to kiss her goodnight, and hold her hand. 95 more years for her to fall in love with him, to stare into his eyes, to dream about life with, and to begin their story together.

Tom, I know those are probably not the exact words you said to Debbie, but I will dream of those 95 years for you guys. Tom and Debbie, here is to wishing you both 100 years of love!

Tom and Debbie: Engaged

Tara Stef - Miss you both so much! I wish you the best that life has to offer, much happiness and love. =)

Maria Galban - You guys belong in a magazine! Every single one of those pictures speak love to me :) You guys are going to make me cry! Cant wait for the wedding!

Debbie Born - You are too sweet, sis!

Rachel Born - @[1353999084:2048:Debbie Born] and @[100000934287180:2048:Tom Wright] 😉

Rachel Born - These are gorgeous! Beautiful people make beautiful pics easy. You two make them REALLY easy! Love you both!

Allison Russell - Absolutely beautiful!

DREW & DEVREN | Married | Simple Love Portraits

His gentle look at he stares into her eyes and she softly brushes the hair from his forehead as they embrace. In the simple moments of love, they begin to see that it wasn’t about one day together. With their wedding day having just passed, they have seen that, that one day was just that. It was one day that they will remember but will not let define their love. For a simple love doesn’t need just one day.

Simple Love Portraits: Married | Drew & Devren

Thank you to Painted Primrose for the beautiful bouquet.