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When a Thursday night spent relaxing becomes something to look forward to again. When flopping on the couch in front of falls favorite guilty pleasure TV, with the cool crisp air blowing becomes a reality again. Where the schedule of work begins to take a slow decline for just a couple of months… And we are all able to just breath for an evening. Fall. This is just one of the reasons I love you.

What favorite fall TV shows do you look forward to the most?

MARK & ERIN | Married

Here a quick look into the amazing day of Mark and Erin’s wedding at Lionscrest Manor Wedding. Check back for their full feature next week!

Cathy Tomlin Shields - Wow….very nice photos….

Leslie Stanfield - Beautiful couple and so wonderfully captured by the photographer.

Marie Amundsen Kubera - very beautiful, that’s my nephew and new niece in law.

Cheryl McQuaker Duggan - beautiful

Judy Gubbels - Beautiful!

Laura Amundsen - A few more pictures!